Robinsons Summer Fruits Cordial
Old Jamaica Ginger Bree
Irn Bru
Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas
Haywards Strong Pickled Onions
Colman's Mustard
Branston Original Pickle
Weetabix Original Ready Brek
Scott's Porage Oats Original
Homepride Wine Sauce
Bisto Original Gravy
Tunnock's Coconut Covered Snowballs and Teacakes
McVitie's Ginger Nut Buscuits
PG Tip's Strong Tea
Taylor of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea
Hartley's Blackcurrant jelly
Robertson's Golden Shred Marmalade
Gale's Lemon Curd
Frank Cooper's Vintage Oxford Marmalade
Baking and Desserts: Aunt Bessie's, Green's, McDougalls, Lyle's, Homepride, Tate & Lyle, Bird's, Ambrosia, Aunty's, Eccles Cakes
Biscuits and Crackers: Cadbury, Heritage, Jacob's, Elkes, Crawford's, Walker's, Tunnock's, Soreen, Fox's, McVities, Border, Carousel Wafers, Paterson's, Boland's
Teas Coffee and Cocoa: Cadbury, Burnsville, Galaxy, Scottish Blend, PG Tips, Bewley's, Barry's, Glengettie, Nambarrie, Ty-Phoo, Marks and Spencers, London Cuppa
Jams, Spreads and Curds: Hartley's, Gale's, Duerr's, Rose's, Marks and Spencers, Tiptrees, Thursday Cottage, Robertsons, Chivers, Mackays, Frank Coopers
Drinks: Ribena, Vimto, Tizer, Irn Bru, Fanta, Lilt, Fever Tree, Lucozade, Old Jamaica, John Crabbie
Gravy and Spices: Bisto, Paxo, Sharwoods, Homepride, Colemans
Breakfast: McCann's, Kellog's, Scott's Oats, Ready Brek
Sauces, Pickles and Tins: Branston, Batchelors, Sarsons, Shaws, Crosse & Blackwells, Baxters, Heinz, Marks and Spencer, Colman's, HP, Haywards, Tip Tree, Daddies
Lyle's Black Treacle
Bird's Custard Powder
Aunty's Spotted Dick Steamed Puddings
Kellog's Coco Pops
Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing
McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestives
Crawford's Garibaldi
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate